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The intelligent command center for digital platform backends

The toolkit platform engineering teams use to operate backends securely, quickly and reliably, on autopilot.

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The need to operate digital platforms seamlessly and take quick deployment actions has never been more important. To manage digital platforms effectively, companies need real-time analytics and easily implemented guardrails.

Platformatic’s intelligent command center offers enterprise platform engineering teams the building blocks, controls and visibility needed to operate modern backends, accelerate time to market, increase platform predictability, and streamline configurations.


Faster deployment.
Faster time to market.

Consolidate your Node.js applications and microservices into a single unit for deployment with Platformatic Runtime. Run multiple applications inside a single process while exposing your CLI and programmatic API, with no external networking.

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Reduce variance.
De-risk code deployments.

Analyze potential deployment risks, identify what might break, and the likelihood of breaking changes.

By integrating with your CI and leveraging multiple data points through open tracing and client integration, when a change is made, the Platformatic Breaking Change Detector analyzes potential risks and their likelihood of occurring.

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No more time spent setting up configurations from scratch. No more repetitive and disjointed setup tasks.

Build templates within templates, crafting the foundation for streamlined services.
Take your configurations, encapsulate them into augmented npm modules, publish them on your internal npm registry. Discover and combine new stackables effortlessly and make creativity simple for platform engineering teams.

Effortless setup, deployment and growth

Real-time metrics and insights

Dedicated, enterprise-grade support

Template marketplace

Reuse, compose, and publish microservices and templates through the Stackables Marketplace. Discover and combine new stackables effortlessly. Fastify plugins are seamlessly integrated, providing a unified and up-to-date solution.

Why Platformatic Enterprise?

Our intelligent control tower allows developers to break free.

Allows developers to break free from boilerplate taste and focus on innovation and creativity. Empowers engineering leaders to go from idea to market on autopilot, reduce deployment risks, improve their team’s DX and reduce OPEX.

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